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We commit to our customers and we are willing to work Nights and Weekends. We can come to your place, with NO additional charge. We are looking to serve our clients according to his/her circumstances and availability. We are eager to meet and exceeding our customer’s expectations.
Our management consultants work on a variety of projects, from strategic to tactical, technical to business-oriented. Your specific needs are matched with an experienced individual or team. We are proficient at stepping into any project, rolling up our sleeves and getting things done. Our dynamic, flexible group focuses on the following areas:
Analysis, Design and Architecture

Analysis, architecture, and design are process used to provide designs that are logically, rereproducible, and defensible. These process are interconnected, in that the output of one process is used directly as input to the next, thus creating flows of information from analysis to architecture, and from architecture to design.

Analysis entails learning what users, their applications, and devices need from the network. It is also about understanding network behaviour under various situations. Network analysis also about understanding network behaviour under various situations. In analyzing a network we examine the state of the existing network , includind whatever problems it may be having. We develop sets of problem statements.

During network design we use an evaluation process to make vendor, service provider, and equipment selections, based on input from the network analysis and architecture.
  • Application Architecture Disciplines and Principles
  • Application Level Requirements Analysis
  • Application Conceptualization Techniques
  • Application Modularization Componentization Methods
  • Application Modeling Methods
  • Asset Distribution Mechanisms
  • Reusability Model
  • Utilizing Application Level Patterns
  • Standards Policies Best Practices
Project and Program Management

Project management is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a specific (and usually) one-time objective, for example, construct a building or implement a major new computer system. Project management includes developing a project plan, which includes defining and confirming the project goals and objectives, identifying tasks and how goals will be achieved, quantifying the resources needed, and determining budgets and timelines for completion. It also includes managing the implementation of the project plan, along with operating regular 'controls' to ensure that there is accurate and objective information on 'performance' relative to the plan, and the mechanisms to implement recovery actions where necessary.

Our Management team provides expertise in business case development, scope definition, planning, budgeting, issue management, release definition, development management, test management, and meeting facilitation.

Financial Analysis and Reporting

The SW Accounting & Finance Consulting reporting platform is a complete reporting toolset that empowers. financial professionals to easily generate complex financial reports, maintain budgets, track financial performance, and comply with regulatory requirements. The SW Accounting & Finance Consultingl reporting platform provides all the features and functionality needed to implement a comprehensive financial reporting and analysis environment – one that can help enhance financial planning, management, and control by putting real-time information in the hands of those who need it most.

Following are the financial analysis and reporting areas:

  • Budgeting, planning and forecasting
  • Financial modeling and valuation analysis
  • Cost allocation
  • Financial reporting automation using SQL, MS Access, MS Excel, Hyperion, Business Objects and other reporting and analysis tools
  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Performance measurement, metric reporting and assessment of key business initiatives
  • Budget to actual variance analysis
  • Cash flow management
  • Ad hoc analysis and reporting
  • ad debt analysis
Special Projects and Interim Financial Executives

Management changes inevitably occur. Although trying, these situations present excellent opportunities for boards of directors to reassess both their management model, as well as what type of executive might best fit the organization's needs and objectives. But those processes take time.

We can provide an experienced, qualified executive who can quickly and efficiently assume the duties of SW Accounting & Finance Consulting. As such a position is, by definition, is a temporary assignment, the SW Accounting & Finance Consulting will work closely with board leadership to identify the specific goals to be achieved during the interim period. While this certainly will relate to the duration of the assignment, examples of such goals include projects such as evaluation of staff resources, assessment of financial status, implementation of special projects, etc. He or she can also help you examine the existing, more critical strategic issues of determining the optimal management model and best chief staff officer profile for your organization.

Our senior accounting and finance consultants are available to assist companies with special projects, data analysis, assistance for emerging businesses and senior level interim executive support.
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